Promoting Self-regulation in Young Learners – My Goal

PME800 – Self Regulated Inquiry and Learning

My distal goal at the kindergarten level is to help my students to develop the self IMG_0139
regulation skills necessary for successful transition into school. This goal, while somewhat arduous, is very much attainable. Success on this journey is measured by the achievement of small steps along the way. The kindergarten program is structured using a play-based model and as such, students will need to develop strong self-regulation skills to successfully navigate the day to day interactions among their peers. My proximal goal is researching and identifying several resources on self-regulation which will be useful in planning activities around the play-based classroom. This blog is in place as my monitoring device towards the achievement of my goals.

The journey to this point has really been a challenging one. I work with a class of all junior kindergarten students and they present a unique set of challenges. In contrast to a mixed grouping, in the straight class there are really no role models so students feed off each other and often they navigate towards the choices that are unacceptable. Being actively involved in the Queen’s University Professional Master of Education course module on Self-Regulation and Inquiry, has been very helpful for me in working through the process of promoting self-regulation. I have come across numerous resources that have provided a headway for putting plans in place to drive focus and direction in learning.

The collaborative nature of the course works well. It is crucial to be able to connect with other educators who provide extra support and resource suggestions that relevant to the needs of students. As much as I have come to the end of the course module, my reflection, will continue as I engage with my students. I am hoping that by the end of the school year, they would have made significant progress towards getting ready for the next phase of their learning. Towards that end, I have seen some progress and I celebrate that. Celebration of minor steps along the way to achievement of the main goal is a key take away from this course. Young learners thrive on rewards and praise, every time they make some progress, though minor, I use it as an opportunity to encourage them to achieve more.

Self-regulation is the foundation for a successful learning experience for learners of all ages. My role at this stage is to ensure that the program within which students work, gives them a chance to develop strong self-regulation skills. Interaction among peers, handling conflicts, managing personal behaviour, making appropriate and acceptable choices all rely on this very crucial skill. The process with my students continues and I am enjoying the journey.

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