Executive Book Summary

Mindsets in the Classroom (Mary Cay Ricci)

Building a Culture of Success and Student Achievement in Schools

titleMindsets in the Classroom presents the reader with much food for thought redefining how students learn. It references research on the malleability of the brain and encourages teachers who engage with learners to adopt the growth mindset that will influence how the learning environment is created for learners to thrive. Not only does Ricci present information, but useful resources are provided for teachers and administrators to use as the practical application of a growth mindset is purported. All stakeholders in the learning journey are addressed, as the author recognizes the community approach that must be taken towards the achievement of learning for all.

Video Overview – Mindsets in the Classroom


Growth mindset positive self-thought:


Students must understand that intelligence is constantly changing based on effort, persistence and motivation. (Ricci 2013)


Ricci, M. (2013). Mindsets in the Classroom: Prufrock Press Inc.


1 thought on “Executive Book Summary”

  1. Hi Jacqueline,

    I really enjoyed your executive book summary! I am motivated to read this resource because of one topic: educate parents. I feel like this is where we really struggle. There is often such a disconnect between home life and school life. Children and teenagers are not expected to challenge themselves in any way (in my current context) even the challenge of balancing a schedule between school, extra-curriculars and work. We expect our students to learn to advocate for themselves and pick themselves up after failure yet we have parents phoning us about their child who has failed at 45% and asks us, can we just give them an extra-credit project? I would love to read this book, especially if it offers approaches for how to educate parents.

    Great post! Thanks!


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