I am Jacqueline Samuels and I am presently enrolled in the Professional Masterpic of Education program at the Queen’s University, Canada. I hold an undergraduate degree in Business Studies from The University of Technology, Jamaica and another in Computer Studies from the University of West Indies. Technology integration is an integral part of my journey in education hence I completed the Specialist Additional Qualification in Technology Integration from the York University, Canada.

My journey in teaching started out at the high school level where I taught Business Studies and Computer Studies for approximately 16 years. It was a rich and fulfilling experience and I value all the life lessons I learnt along the way. Students have so much to offer and they remain the most important stakeholder in the teaching-learning experience. I have also facilitated teacher training courses in Technology Integration to assist teachers in seamlessly integrating technology into their lessons.

After years of teaching high school, I made a deliberate transition to teaching at the primary level. It is certainly a different dynamic, which demands way more energy, but I am absolutely loving it. I am presently employed by the Toronto District School Board, Canada, in the elementary panel. It continues to be a journey that teaches me so many lessons along the way. Children are fascinating, curious and explorative learners. I have a huge responsibility to create the kind of learning environment that will engage their young minds to think critically. I am guided by the philosophy that “every child can learn, just not at the same pace!”


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